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RV Vacations: Good, clean fun!

The crowds and energy of airports and train stations used to be an exciting start to a family holiday. There was something thrilling about the bustle of a hotel lobby and the chatter-filled atmosphere of the dining room. Things are different now. Jostling with strangers in crowded, airless spaces is less attractive than ever thanks to COVID. When you RV, there’s no need to wonder about the health of the person next to you. You know who you’re travelling with — they’re family and friends! father and son outside RV

Know who you’re travelling with

In an RV, you have complete control over who you rub shoulders with. Getting to your destination is worry-free: it’s you and your quaranteam. There’s no question about the state of your accommodations, either: it’s your vehicle. You cleaned it; you packed it and you know exactly who’s coming in and out. And you can read your travel mates the hygiene riot act if they don’t maintain standards!

Clean, controlled access inside

From your first coffee of the morning to the guilty pleasure of a late-night snack, you can be sure that the food, kitchen counter, dishes and utensils are clean. The washroom and shower are for your use only, so there are no worries there. breakfast, RV
Many RVs have one — or multiple — TVs, screens and home entertainment systems. No need to wonder about who’s been handling the remote or the touchscreen. Wipe them down daily to be safe, but otherwise, kick back, relax and enjoy.
When you’re ready to turn in for the night, whether you’re sleeping in the master suite of a split level Fifth Wheel or pulling down a Murphy bed in a Travel Trailer, you’ll sleep soundly knowing the sheets and surfaces are clean and germ-free.
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Plenty of social distancing outside

Most campgrounds offer built-in social distancing. Your fellow vacationers aren’t right next door along a narrow corridor, they’re the next site over. It’s a cheery hello across a healthy distance rather than a quick scramble for a mask, flattening yourself against the hallway wall — or worse – navigating a crowded elevator.
A typical camping spot offers lots of space outside your vehicle. Relax in an outdoor chaise lounge: there’s still room to barbecue and build a campfire without crowding your neighbors.
If you boondock or camp off-road, you and your crew will have all the wide-open, virus-free space you need.

Load up with all the specialty supplies you need

There are no baggage restrictions when you RV — and that means it’s easy to pack all the soap, disinfectants for hard surfaces, sanitizer, plastic gloves and masks you’ll need. Bring travel-size containers for day activities: throw them in your knapsack when you’re out and about. If you’re renting a mountain bike for a backwoods cycle or clubs for a round of golf, it’ll be handy to have extra supplies to clean them off before you use them. Refill them when you’re back at the RV. sanitize RV surface
Many RVs have their own washers and dryers. That makes it easy to keep clothes, bedding and masks clean. It’s worth remembering that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends using gloves when handling dirty laundry, and a bag liner in hampers, which can either be thrown away or washed. Opt for a warm water setting when doing laundry.

Enjoy your activities safely

Managing your interactions with strangers outdoors is pretty straightforward. Hiking, fishing, mountain climbing, cycling, golfing or canoeing let you easily maintain a safe distance from others outside your bubble. When you’re in more constrained environments like the local grocery store or when visiting a historic site, the same precautions we’ve all gotten used to still apply: wash your hands, wear a mask and keep 6 feet away from strangers. family campfire in front of an RV

It’s still a vacation. And that means fun!

The coronavirus has certainly changed life. Those carefree days of spotting and hugging an old friend aren’t back yet, but you can still have a great vacation.  Know who you’re travelling with; keep yourself and your surroundings sanitized. There’s still lots of good, clean fun to be had!

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