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Finding the perfect RV: Travel Trailers!

New to RVing? The Toronto Fall RV Show & Sale, October 18th-20th is a great place to begin. Featuring the largest selection of RVs and the best deals of the season, it brings together hundreds of new, pre-owned and floor models of every major brand and type. There’s something for everyone!
So much to choose from: where to start? With so many models and brands, finding a vehicle that works for you can feel a bit overwhelming. RVs can be broken down into a few categories – to keep it simple, let’s keep it to these: Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, Motorhomes and Park Models, so let’s start there.
  • Travel Trailers are hitched to a vehicle.
  • Fifth Wheels have a raised forward section and a special fifth wheel hitch so they can be towed by a pickup truck.
  • Motorhomes combine the vehicle with the living quarters — some can even haul the family car.
  • Park Models are designed for long-term or permanent placement and are installed on-site.
Let’s take a quick look at Travel Trailers.
The uber-towable Travel Trailer The most common RV, these adorable, uber-towable Travel Trailers (TT) come in endless variations. Kitted out for sleeping, showering, dining, cooking and entertaining, some types feature garages, rooftop patios, bay windows, fireplaces, offices, hideaway beds, sides that expand and roofs you can lower. Customize to your heart’s content. They typically range from 12-35ft . Some can sleep as many as ten people. Surprisingly spacious Fold-Down Campers
Lightweight enough to be pulled by most vehicles, these tidy little rigs offer a surprising amount of interior space when set up. Fold-Down Campers (FD) are also referred to as fold-out campers, tent trailers, or pop-ups. These affordable trailers feature partial canvas or vinyl construction and collapse down into small, light, packages for easy towing and storage. Most models include kitchen, dining and sleeping facilities. Some include a slide-out section that adds floor space in the centre of the unit. A great first trailer, they can sleep up to 8 and run 15-23ft.
The best of both worlds: Hybrids
Hybrids (EXP & HYB) combine a hard-sided travel trailer with a tent camper. Ends pull out to provide extra space for front and back sleeping room. Expandable Hybrids offer all the amenities of a travel trailer – and sometimes even extra space for living and dining rooms. They’re easy on the budget, can sleep up to 8 and range from 19-29ft.
Small but mighty Toy Haulers
If you’re an outdoor adventurer, a Toy Hauler (TH) might be the RV for you! Beds, dinettes and couches fold against the interior walls of this snappy little vehicle, leaving lots of rear cargo space for your toys: ATVs, dirt bikes, jet skis, canoes, snowmobiles, motorcycles. It’s the perfect way to bring both the comforts of home and outdoor gear to your favourite off-road destinations. Toy Haulers can sleep up to 8 people and range from 19-39ft.
Experience Travel Trailers for yourself at the Toronto Fall RV Show & Sale Don’t be overwhelmed by all the choices. Search our Dealer Exhibitor listings and RV Brands on Exhibit by RV Type to get a feel for the type and model that fits your lifestyle and budget — then check them out in real life at the show! The dealers are wonderfully knowledgeable. They understand all the subtle differences and details and will help you narrow down the RVs that will best suit your needs. They’re also pretty easy (and kinda fun!) to customize if you’re after something unique.
Featuring the largest selection of RVs and the best deals of the season, the 2019 Toronto Fall RV Show & Sale, October 18th–20th, showcases hundreds of new, pre-owned and floor models of every major brand and type. There’s something for everyone!