RV Vacations: Minimize the costs; maximize the fun!

Bring the whole family
Vacations are exhilarating but they can easily get expensive. Airfare, accommodations, dining, event admissions, souvenirs for the gang – costs can escalate quickly. But not an RV vacation!
Even when you factor in RV ownership costs, the reality is “RV vacations are more affordable than travel by personal car, commercial airline or cruise ship.” A family of four can save up to 63 per cent when travelling by RV. And with fuel prices at an all-time low, the savings are even better.
RVs make it easy to bring the whole family: kids, pets, friends, aunts, uncles, a favourite cousin or cherished grandparents. And that minimizes the costs — and maximizes the fun!

RVs: Room for the whole family

RV family vacation

The average Fifth Wheel combines a private master bedroom with bunk space, even an extra bedroom. Many Hybrid Trailers and Motorhomes have pop-outs for additional sleeping and living space. Toy Haulers and Tent Trailers often have ingenious tenting systems that add space. Foldaway hatches, detachable tent material, rooftop tents and convertible couches are just some of the clever ways RVs deliver extra space. Depending on the model and the floorplan, you can sleep up to ten.

Dog in an RV

There’s no need to leave the furbabies behind, either or relegate them to a cargo hold. They’re part of the family, and it’s safe and easy to bring them along.  You don’t even have to plan ahead to find (costly) pet-friendly lodgings. They’re welcome at most campgrounds, and many RVs include pet-friendly amenities. Some have special floorplans with pull-out animal dishes and beds. Others feature bird’s-eye view windows, so they can watch the world go by, and leash tie-downs.

Rest easy: RVs are comfy and hygienic

With an RV, you can rest easy with a comfy bed, clean toilet, hot showers, space to unpack and somewhere to keep the wine cool. Relax knowing your surroundings are hygienic. It’s just you and your travel companions.

RV Vacations: Unleash your creativity


Campgrounds, national, provincial and state parks: there are many inexpensive choices for an RV vacation. There’s also a creative subculture — tips and tricks for minimizing the travel costs and maximizing the fun. RVers are always on the lookout for unconventional places to stay — and they’ve found plenty.


Generically known as “boondocking”, these are inexpensive or even free places to stay. It’s camping without “hookups” – amenities like hydro, water and sewer services. But since most RV’s are equipped with a generator, waste and water tanks, maybe even solar panels and a battery, it’s a great alternative.  Fill ‘er up, find a scenic overlook or forgotten trail, and make yourself at home.

Boondocking, RV and plane

Boondocking is an idea that has taken off and morphed, with wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, golf courses, museums, even airstrips getting in on the action, and throwing out the welcome mat. Membership networks like Harvest Hosts offer nearly 1,100 locations across Canada and the US for adventurous RVers.



“Wallydocking” — staying in a Walmart parking lot — began because its founder, the late Sam Walton, was an RV enthusiast. He made it policy for Walmart to offer free overnight parking for RVs, and many still do. Other big box stores that often welcome RVs include Home Depot, Lowe’s and K-Mart. Not the most picturesque place to overnight, but handy!

RV in a driveway


Then there’s “moochdocking”. Remember that old friend from university? The one you keep promising to visit? The one with the driveway? Exactly! Drop in, say hello, reminisce — and mooch an overnight parking spot. It sounds terrible, but it’s actually a wonderful excuse to keep in touch with friends and family.
An RV vacation can be as unique as you and your travel companions. Bring the whole family — and your imagination!

ORVDA: A network of reputable, knowledgeable dealers to help get you started

Your local RV and motorhome dealer can help you find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget. Some offer rentals, so you can try a few options before you buy. Members of the Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ORVDA) meet the highest standards of professionalism: buy from our dealers and service providers with absolute confidence. When you choose an ORVDA member, you support local Ontario businesses. The Ontario RV industry employs over 21,860 people and generates over $1.64B to the provincial economy.
There’s a better way to travel. Get an RV.