RV Travel: Departure Delayed. Because you felt like it.

man in RV looking out a window at landscape
Traditional travel is hyper-scheduled. Check-in time; check-out time: it’s all pretty rigid — at least until the flight delays and missed connections start. How many hours of vacation have you spent cooling your heels waiting? RV travel couldn’t be more different. From the moment you leave till the time you return, you’re in control. Hit the road when you please, and best of all, change your plans on a whim. Motorhome with bikes on a country road

Maximum flexibility, maximum freedom

One of the great joys of travel is spontaneity. It’s impossible to predict what will catch your fancy when you’re heading somewhere for the first time. Sometimes what looks good on paper doesn’t warrant more than a cursory glance — and something that seemed like a nothing-burger is actually riveting. RV travel gives you the freedom to adjust on the fly. If your eye leads you off the beaten track, most RVs are rugged enough to take you well into the countryside. Since they have plenty of carrying capacity for bikes, canoes, ATVs and other outdoor equipment, it’s easy to stop, pull out your gear and take off for an impromptu adventure. Motorhome with bikes and boat Dark when you get back? So what: kick back and enjoy the night sky. Most RVs have a fridge and a stove or grill. You’ve got everything you need for a meal, a comfortable sleep, bathroom, shower and a battery to keep all the amenities running off-grid. Stay put for the night and head out tomorrow. It’s your vacation: do as you please! family barbecuing

You can disconnect — but you’re not disconnected

No matter how far afield you wander, satellite technology means that in most cases, you can disconnect — but you’re not disconnected! You can still stream Netflix, catch up with the news, check your email or have a Zoom call with family and friends to let them know where you are.

The best stories begin with “You’ll never believe what happened next…”

The mark of a great vacation is coming home tired, but refreshed, with a head full of “You’ll never believe what happened next…” stories. And there’s nothing like an RV to take you somewhere unexpected; let you try something you could never have imagined – and come home with memories you’ll never forget.
There’s a better way to travel. Get an RV.
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ORVDA: A network of reputable, knowledgeable dealers to help get you started

Your local RV dealer can help you find a vehicle that suits your lifestyle and budget. Some offer rentals, so you can try a few options before you buy. Members of the Ontario Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (ORVDA) meet the highest standards of professionalism: buy from our dealers and service providers with absolute confidence. When you choose an ORVDA member, you support local Ontario businesses. The Ontario RV industry employs over 21,860 people and generates over $1.64B to the provincial economy.