People’s Choice Warranty — Protection that Pays!

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are becoming increasingly popular for families who value their recreational advantages and potential as a long-term investment. However, purchasing a new or used RV can easily exceed six figures. Fortunately, dealers offer a wide range of RVs that include several valuable services for their customers, such as market-competitive pricing, financing options, excellent after-sales service and a variety of extended warranties. Customers appreciate these value-added options that help them enhance the overall RV ownership experience, so dealers strive to live up to their customers’ expectations by partnering with trusted partners.

People’s Choice Warranty: Tailored Warranties for Every RV Enthusiast

Since 1999, People’s Choice Warranty has been a reliable partner for dealerships across Canada. The company offers extended warranties for all kinds of vehicles, including RVs. Their plans cover motorized, non-motorized and park model RVs from new to used.

New Platinum and Titanium Non-Motorized RV Plans:

• Platinum Coach: They offer 1-9 years of dedicated coverage for new non-motorized platinum coach RVs.
• Titanium: Coverage extends between 1-9 years for their new non-motorized RVs.

Titanium Warranty for Motorized RVs:

Their Titanium Warranty has quickly become a top choice among motorized RV owners, catering to Class A, B, and C motorhomes. This plan picks up precisely where the manufacturer’s warranty concludes, initiating from the original in-service date when the odometer reading is zero.

To be eligible for this warranty, the RV must have at least one month left on the original manufacturer’s full warranty or 1,000 km left on the odometer before the warranty expires —whichever comes first.

The Titanium Warranty’s exclusionary coverage is a primary reason for its popularity, especially for new RVs.

The Platinum Used Motorized Warranty is an ideal selection for those with RVs aged between 11-15 years. A standout feature of this warranty is its unlimited kilometre coverage, setting them distinctly ahead in the industry compared to other competitors.

People’s Choice Warranty Top-Notch Team

Their team of highly skilled and experienced professionals undergo regular training to ensure that their dealers and their customers receive the highest level of excellence, transparency, and quality standards.

“Our dedicated market research and continuous training plans keep our sales and marketing team a step ahead in the world of extended RV warranties,” says National Training Manager at People’s Choice Warranty, Gerry Cloutier. Gerry has over 30 years of experience in the automotive industry. His expertise helps the company anticipate constant market changes in an industry that is never static.

Not only does People’s Choice Warranty have an excellent Training Team. Their Sales Representatives also bring to the company a wealth of knowledge and experience built up over years of work in the automotive industry. They are ethical professionals who care about providing honest advice to their customers giving them the most comprehensive and innovative warranties. Their commitment to open communication and trust is the cornerstone of their success. The People’s Choice Warranty Sales Team’s strong vision will continue driving the company’s growth in the years ahead.

Like the People’s Choice Warranty Sales and Training Team, the company’s Claims Department also provides excellent service. They are staffed with subject matter experts in the automotive industry. Lloyd, a valued customer, recently shared his thoughts on the exceptional service he received from the company: “Service seems to be a lost art, so I am not saying this lightly. I am shocked at the level of Service I received from Matt from Claims. I don’t even know where to begin. I was a mess and probably not the easiest person to speak with. Matt was BEYOND professional. He took it all in stride and with incredible empathy that I do not see anymore. He was ALWAYS available. He always called when he said he would—always provided me with recent updates. He was able to explain everything to me in understandable language. Please take what I am saying here as the most literal I can be -this man is AMAZING at his job. His candour, his punctual efficiency and his knowledge are…amazing. His personal skills take him right off the charts. I have not been this impressed with someone I have dealt with in decades (ever?).” The People’s Choice Warranty’s Claim Adjuster Department is 100% home-based.

People’s Choice Warranty has been a reliable partner to dealerships for almost 25 years. Their comprehensive warranties, exceptional team and strong customer service have helped the company become one of the most competitive players in the automotive industry.

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National Training Manager, Gerry Cloutier